Am I able to ride a tour?

Our tours are available for every level of rider, from beginner till profesional. We do like to know your level upfront, so we can organize a tour that fits your needs or interests. Check ´What is my riding level?´ on this FAQ page to know your level.

We have some restrictions:

  • Age: 12-65 years old
  • Weight: maximum 90 kg
  • Health: because of risks we do not accept pregnant woman (sorry) and we want every rider to be healthy and fit
  • People under influence of either alcohol or drugs will be refused

How do I get to the ranch?

Our ranch is located more or less 7km from Palomino. By motorbike this takes 20 minutes and with a 4WD this will take 40 minutes.

In case you book a horseback riding tour, the transportation is included from and to Palomino. We always go with our preferred way, by motortaxi. With this we directly support the local community.

If you have your own transportation we will give you clear directions on how to get to the ranch.

It is not possible to get to the ranch with a normal car, since it is an unpaved road with two river crossings.

How are the horses treated?

Most horses are rescued from horrible circumstances, we try to give them a better life.

Every tour has been walked by feet first, my motto is: if I can´t walk it, I won´t make my horses walk it. A horse works a maximum of five tours a week. When off duty, the horse has unlimited access to grass and water. From time to time we let the horses roam free in the fruit section of the farm, to get even more vitamins and minerals. When ill, the horse gets medical assistance needed and of course plenty of time off to recover.

Basically, I would treat them as I would treat myself. Even better…

Why do you not offer tours in rainy season?

Rain in this region is no normal rain, you get soaked within a couple of seconds and can´t see anything. This is no fun being on a horse. Since all the tours contain river crossing it becomes very dangerous, the rivers can rise quickly and become uncrossable. We want to prevent any dangerous situation, which made us decide to close up during rainy season. This is normally in October and November, but can sometimes start earlier or last longer. As well a hurricane could withhold us from operating.

What do I wear?

In terms of clothes the best is to wear long pants and closed shoes. Besides this we recommend to wear a top with sleeves, so your shoulders are protected against the strong sun. A hat or a cap (in case you do not make use of our protection helmets).

What do I bring?

Sun lotion, insect repellent, bottle for water.

In case of the full day tour: bring your swim wear and a thin towel.

Why do we ask for an upfront payment?

We are a small business. This means if a group books a tour, we scheduled this day for them and have no space to accept other clients. We ask for an upfront payment so no-shows or last minute cancellation does not affect our business.

This upfront payment is non-refundable.

Is there a risk of me falling of a horse?

Yes, there is ALWAYS the risk of falling of a horse. But together we can minimalize the risk by being open and honest. We, depending on your riding ability, select the best horse for you. As well we will never go in a pace which is causing to make you feel uncomfortable. However, we do depend on your honesty. Please let us know before or during the tour when you feel unsafe or uncomfortable or stressed, so we can hold back and take an easy ride and give tips on how to feel more relaxed. Sometimes it is necessary to change horses, to get a better fit. But there is always the risk of getting in an unexpected circumstance, where either you or the horse gets a little freak out (think of an animal suddenly appear from behind a bush). The best thing is to get back on the horse and go in. In case of injury we have a car at the farm which we can use in severy circumstances and go to an hospital! 

How big is the risk? I have around one fall every year amonst my clients. Not too bad! 


Do you provide helmets?

Yes, we provide helmets. These are obligated to use for minors.

What is my riding level?

BEGINNER:  A rider with little or no experience.

NOVICE: A rider who is comfortable and in control at the walk and/or trot but has limited experience trotting and/or cantering.

CONFIDENT NOVICE: A rider with a bit of experience but is able to handle horses that are maybe not directly willing to go forward. Is willing to learn and does not fear a horse.

INTERMEDIATE: A rider who is confident and in control in all paces, but does not ride regularly. Has ridden more than five years on a minimum of five different horses.

STRONG INTERMEDIATE: An intermediate rider who is currently riding regularly and is comfortable in the saddle for at least 6 hours per day.

ADVANCED: All of the above plus the ability to handle a forward-moving and sensible horse in open country, able to control seat, hands and legs.

FEAR OF HORSES? FALLEN OFF THE LAST TIME YOU HAVE RIDDEN AND SCARED TO RIDE AGAIN? We offer special 1-on-1 experience to get back your confidence.